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Kids' Kung Fu


The Wah Lum Kung Fu Kids' Program is designed for children ages 6 - 13, although some older children may become eligible to move into the adult class. These group classes emphasize the Wah Lum values of respect, kindness, fellowship, control, and patience, while challenging and improving the child’s physical abilities. Children are taught that Kung Fu is only to be used to defend themselves or to protect others.



Kung Fu Basic Exercises

Basic exercises are the most important part of Kung Fu training. They are essential for the development of a strong foundation and lead to proper form and techniques.


Empty Hand Forms

Empty hand forms are set patterns of choreographed movements designed to build strength, speed, stamina, rhythm, and coordination.



In Kung Fu training, weapons are considerd extensions of the human body. Children are taught weapons forms in accordance with what is appropriate for their age, skill level, and maturity.  


Self Defense

Self defense techniques consist of age-appropriate applications of the Kung Fu skills that the children learn as a part of the Wah Lum curriculum. 


There is no belt ranking system in traditional Chinese Kung Fu and all children wear the same color sash. The Wah Lum curriculum is composed of a level system, and the children may test up through the levels when the instructor determines that they are ready.


Wah Lum Kung Fu will develop your child’s flexibility, coordination, concentration, confidence, and discipline. The classes are exciting, educational, and fun, and children will increase their speed, stamina, strength, and overall health. Children will benefit from the strengthening of body and mind that result from participating in Kung Fu classes.

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