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Wah Lum Kung Fu of Raleigh is part of an international family of traditional martial artists led by Grandmaster Pui Chan from the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple in Orlando, Florida. There are numerous Wah Lum Kung Fu schools throughout the United States, as well as schools in Brazil, Germany, and Switzerland. Every 3 years, all Wah Lum Kung Fu instructors return to the Wah Lum Temple to be tested for recertification by Grandmaster Pui Chan, a process which maintains Wah Lum’s high standard and ensures the traditional integrity of the system. 

Wah Lum System

Wah Lum Temple

The Wah Lum Temple is the first authentic Chinese martial arts temple in America and is the international headquarters for the Wah Lum system. Sifu Matthew Martin trained at the Wah Lum Temple for 10 years under the instruction of Sifu Mimi Chan. Learn more about the Wah Lum Temple at      

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Wah Lum's Grandmaster, SiGung Pui Chan, is one of the pioneers responsible for bringing traditional Kung Fu to America. Watch this award winning documentary to learn more about his inspiring story of perseverance, dedication, and strength.  

Learn more at

Wah Lum Films


Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer

Keeping tradition alive in a modern world...

Kung Fu POD on YouTube

Hosted by Sifu Mimi Chan

Learn more about the traditions of Chinese culture and how to apply the philosophy of Kung Fu to your everyday life from Wah Lum's podcast, hosted by Sifu Mimi Chan. Meet Sifus from all over the world and be inspired by the world’s best martial artists.

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Kung Fu POD Episode 16: Kung Fu and Hiking

Sifu Matt talks with his teacher, Sifu Mimi Chan, about how Kung Fu helped him to thru-hike the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail

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